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Importance Child Coding Skills

Computational thinking and problem solving skills is best taught to a human person at a tender age because it helps a child overcome certain everyday challenges as they learn and grow thus children are able to become innovators and creators a tender age. Coding also helps a child learn and understand other subjects areas better because the child is able to develop solutions for him/herself because he/she  believes the possibility of making task easier such a building simple games and simulators for themselves to enable them learn heard concepts easily and solve problems faster.

"Coding teaches one how to think"

Steve Jobs

I’m a computer programmer and a product of child coding initiative. I learnt coding at a very tender age and never required a Computer Science Tertiary education or extra training to have a Career in ICT. The biggest Tech companies in the world will not require certificates to get one employed. They even prefer people who have developed ICT skills from a tender age and of course despite the everyday increase in unemployment ICT continue to create more job opportunities.  I have my testimony and have passion to assist youngster especially those with School Managers, parents and teacher who know the importance of ICT in the Modern Society. Below are links to some child coding websites.


Hour of Code Tynker Scratch  Code Academy CodeCombat Google.com has the rest.