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“Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Educational methods include teaching, training, storytelling, discussion and directed research” say’s Wikipedia from the first index of google search engine. Breaking down this definition I would like to ask the following questions:

-The process of facilitating learning: How is learning being facilitated currently in Nigeria, if it not being just following the content of curriculum? Are modern technology being used as facilities? or it’s just the normal teacher write on the board and the learners copy and memories? Or is education in Nigeria too educate to improve technologically?

-or the acquisition of knowledge: How useful do the learners knowledge to the or its jus the normal memories and forget after examinations.

-skills: Of what value is the skill be learnt? How do appreciate the professionalism in skillfulness?

-values: Do education in Nigeria imbibes value or is just a get certified a look for job for money? How does education add to the Nigerian value or National growth?

-beliefs: Do education in Nigeria really change believes or is it not the normally “brain washing” and manipulation of people for personal needs?

-habits: Oh habits, how is it then will have these increasing number of vices in schools (cultism, prostitution, drugs, robbery and the likes) or is that left in the hands for parenting and religion? Where is the place of Guidance and Counselling in schools?

- Educational methods include teaching: How has the teaching methods advanced or it doesn’t need to? How are educator improvising? Are individual difference put into consideration?

-storytelling: How does do educator know the subject matter well enough to tell an interesting story out of it? What has been their own story on the subject matter?

-discussion: is the relationship of educators with their learner strong enough to spark up an engaging discussion on the subject matter being? Are the learners prepared enough to have a say in a discussion or are the giving a chance to make a meaningful contribution in a lesson?

-and directed research: Of what value has being research to the country? Or is it a “do and submit” to fulfil all requirements? How useful are the findings from academic researches? Or are just meant to fill up the shelves in the libraries? What is the support of the government in research? How equipped are our research institutes?