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ICT Analysis: Organization of Computer Systems


Analyzing in ICT has gone beyond just the system analysis because more and more technologies are put in the sector to make the usability of ICT. In modern time with evolution of frameworks, people devel op full working software without having any knowledge of programming so therefore the analysis can be done a larger range because a lot of technology could be required to complete an application.

Before problem identification is very necessary in system analysis but the knowledge of computer organization in very important.

  1. Research: Collecting information about the present system and how it works
  2. Analysis: Examining out how the present system works and identifying problems with it
  3. Design: coming up with a new system that will fix the present systems problems
  4. Production: creating the new system from the design
  5. Testing: checking if the newly created system works as expected
  6. Documentation: creating documents that describe how to sue the new sytems and how it works
  7. Implementation: Replacing the present system with the new system
  8. Evaluation: Checking that the new system meets all expectations