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Hour of Code Initiative

Hour of Code is an initiative that exposes learners and teachers to the concept of computer programming which them carry out certain task faster that is not made available in already programmed softwares. Hour of Code is established by Code.org, it’s a traditional a one hour program that is well plan to introduce school and organizations to computer programming which should be taught to children at tender age but due to non-available of  coding experts and teachers in the education sector, is skipped in most computer science curriculum. Hour of Code encourages self learning with the many already made tools to make learners learn code fast and ever that’s why it has become the largest learning in history neither minding the availability and non-availability of devices in schools nor prior knowledge of learners and teachers. However I does not just end after one hour, hourofcode.com offers free course to learners and teacher to help them thereafter but is best suitable with assistants of an active expert in ICT industry preferable an programmer like I am who is willing to help.