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End of the war? What war? Over the years, I been looking out on how to introduce interesting digital contents to classroom education. I have hosted a number of tech events such as the Hour of CodeTM and other tech related presentation in schools and events but I found one thing in common “ITS ALIEN” because my background in psychology makes me read the facial expressions of both students, teachers and administrator. This has been the WAR against digitalization classroom instructions which has mainly been seen as a major distraction to the curriculum or time-wasted on mere play but the effect of this “war” has been devastating as I would explain. I use to know all the Ministers, most governors and to public servant when was in the primary school and that continued to shrink in my interest as a grew and one would ask why? And I would say “Alien Digitalization”. Alien digitalization has occupied our minds that relevant things around us and affecting us seem to be increasingly boring and useless in perception. In case of Nigeria most high-tech contents seem to be quickly tagged “The Oyibi thing” which most of us here feel it is undoable.

Now Ending the war, I see Digitalization of Local Contents as a leap to education in Africa. Our heritage need to be increasingly digitalized to get the younger generation interested because the is no going back on that. I have done a small survey on the using Local Digital Contents and the result were mind blowing. I have taken a challenge to least release one digital content a week. I will start by digitalizing monuments and sites. To begin I digitalized the famous ABUJA CITY GATE as a 3D model of which I will release as model free3d.com and subsequently in Virtual Reality and Video games. Surprisingly it only took me less than an hour to model Abuja City Game which give a clue to the huge impact that will be created if much time and resource in put in to Local Content Digitalization.

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