Our Brief

We @VRabbi think that Educational institutions need a lot to be put in place to achieve its primary purpose which is producing persons with the capability of improving the ever advancing society which is exposed to many factors that in turn affects positively or negatively the institutions itself ranging from economics, finances, attitudes and behavior, so, therefore, the system of education and curriculum must be design to tackle the most recent problems of the society and suit the current trends and improve on the positive ones and discourage the negative. This requires a lot of planning, organizing and execution of strategies which needs a lot of information and communication to be achieved. Proper management of resources could in many cases need some kind of automatic processes and since human bodily capabilities can nearly not achieve all required form of automation for effective management in the modern days then use of machines is in evitable and the use of ICT to be more precise.

ICT in most cases could be mistakenly limitedly understood to the use of telephones for phone calls, computers to typing and design but in current terms ICT means the use of communicable automation in any aspect that makes live more easily. In the case of a school system, a lot of work is needed because of widening societal trends on the side of the administration. Management, staff and students so necessary resources must be put in place as well as their alternatives of which ICT carries a big role to play. All this factors put into consideration is the reason for the creation of the VRabbiTM . VRabbiTM is a package that is well researched upon platform with continuous review and updates, endorsed by professional educational experts and administrators to help improve school administrative and management processes as well as improve learning with best available cutting edge technologies. Unlike other school management systems that involves majorly installation of a School Management System in client schools with little or no changes made to the software, VRabbiTM platform team conducts series of researches, analyses and negotiations with our clients to ensure that the end VRabbiTM software perfectly suit our clients' needs in consideration of individuals differences and the target societal variance which may even lead to a redesign to the entire system.

Our Principles

  • Timeliness
  • Quality assurance
  • Affordability
  • Improvisatory
  • Flexibility
  • Divergence
  • Innovativeness

Our Audiences

  • Students of institution
  • School Administrations and management
  • Staff and works
  • Teachers
  • Parents and guidance
  • School resident community
  • Visitors and stakeholders

Our Mandate

  • Modernized Education
  • STEAM Development
  • Fun Learning
  • Teachers Development
  • Edutech Linkages and Partnerships
  • Advocate personalized learning
  • Preach Positive Self Worth