Welcome to Virtual Rabbi

Virtual Rabbi is an organization aimed at bringing high technology education to every society irrespective of its location and economy via various platform and initiatives working together to achieve its fit. We support put together initiatives to enable customization our product and services to enable them suit efficient usage anywhere in the world achievable by our great team of experts.

We are offer diverse and dynamic solutions via innovative ways and promote existing systems and methodologies to ensure high-technology education using the best practices, tools and resources.

We use the latest technological ideas to deliver world class solution to ensure to education is as a the peak of societal development and growth.

Well, we summarize by saying, we develop and promote educational development via:

  • Educational Management Systems
  • Personalized learning development
  • Teaching teaching aids production
  • Seminars and Workshops
  • Educational Career Development
  • Teacher High-Technology based Training
  • Computer Training Services(Basic and Advanced)
  • Educational Start-up Partnership
  • Educational Software Solutions
  • E-learning support and promotion
  • Organizing and Supporting Educational Competitions
  • Linkages
  • ICT Consultancy

We develop any kind of educational software and hardware solutions ranging from School Websites, School Management Systems, Computer Based Testing, On-screen Marking Solutions, Websites for educational start-ups, Virtual Learning Environment, Online Radio Services for Education, Web White Boards, STEM tools and lots more

Professional Support

Our support team are friendly and responsive to support you with solutions we offer 24/7

Experienced Team

We have a experience team of designer and developer to offer cutting-edge solution beyond your imagination

Practical Training

We train our client for effective use of our solutions and provide necessary documentation and guides

Validated Certificate

We a trusted and certified clients ranging from Schools, Educational Bodies, Students, Parents, Public Organizations and Religious Bodies


Our Packages

We inculcate whatever product we can handled to enhance educational development.


VRabbi SMS - School Management System

Automates all school processes from admissions, fees, examinations, human resources, stocks, payroll, transport, certificates, front-desk, in-built website, calendar, notifications, download centre, hostel, library, clinic, transport, credentials, leave application, notice board and more deployable on a wide range of devices.

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VRabbi CZ - Code Zone

Code Zone uses best innovative ways for teaching coding skills in to beginners via interactive editors, games, animations and videos. We organize seminars and workshop for teachers and host coding events and competitions for schools and organizations as well recommend home tutors.

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VRabbi GS - Games and Simulations

We make learning fun and interactive by building learning in to single and multi-player game play using local and custom content available on demand. We develop games across all subject areas and field avoid bias in learning through collaboration and suggestions from teachers, parents and other professionals.

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VRabbi BT - Best Teacher

We believe training the trainer is the best way to improve learning. We develop programmes that binds modern teaching methodologies and teachers to enable them improve on their skills to match up with the ever changing society by providing training and resources on a regular basis at affordable subscription or free.

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VRabbi OR - Out Room

An E-Tourism Package to act as a substitute for explore extra curricular activities such as excursions and field trips. Out Room brings explorations to reach in forms of interactive 3D and voice guide to explore the world around. Out Room also encourages creating Local Contents also to share the world around us.

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2VR - Virtual Reality

We promote Local content on the VR to enable near real life feel of practical concepts taught in classrooms school. How about exploring space just like an astronaut right from within a class room? or Deep see exploration sitting in the comfort of your desk? and many will Virtual Reality bring to your door step any where anytime.

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VRabbi OSM - On-Screen Marking

We Automate examination scripts marking where markers need not mark papers but do some click and selection to marking convenient from a wide range of range of devices from any location and have scores calculated to generate reports in different documents formats in tables, charts or databases at all levels. We have the first indigenous On-Screen Marking Service in Nigeria

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VRabbi MC - Mentor Connect

We connect you to the right mentor who is will to guide you through learning and career development. If you are a expert you could sign up in to our mentors account to help other people maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be.

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VRabbi Q - Quizzer

We build Interactive Quiz Softwares and provide Computer Based Testing (CBT) Solutions across schools and organization. Our quiz solutions are secure and fast which is supported across a wide range of devices for online and offline administration. Reports are easily integrated in other educational solutions we provide.

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What User Says

Divine Destiny Academy, Makurdi

VRabbi encourages ICT development in Schools. With their help we are looking forward to deploying a world class ICT solution because the have proven quality solution that have help us manage our school despite been over a thousand students with only few staff strength

Catholic Education Services, Makurdi

VRabbi offers an all round ICT educational solution that we do not have to look elsewhere to compete with the rest of world when it comes to high-tech educational solutions.

Fajude Academy, Makurdi

Outstanding Customer Suport. VRabbi staff are always avialiable when you need them. They are open to any question you ask them and are will to make custom upgrades when neccassry.

Solar City Engineering

Always Avialable upon call for udate

Success Foundation Montessori

VRabbi has been a reliable partner to our school and help in all areas related to IT

Our Experienced Leads+

...who take the lead in pulling education to modernity ...

Ola Stephen O

Tech Lead

Ola is the Founder and Technology Lead of Vrabbi

Loya Bliase

Growth Lead

As Growth Lead of VRabbi, Blaise Coordinates marketing strategies and controls publicity/advertor

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Virtual Rabbi is an organization aimed at bring high tech education to every society irrespective of its location and economy via various platform ...

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